Our Pastor - Brent Whittle
 Brent & Sandi Whittle 2018
My Childhood:

I was brought up in a Christian home with parents who tried to honor the Lord with their lives. I am the middle child between my older brother Brad and my younger brother Brady. We grew up living in Georgia and later moved to Alabama when I was about 11 years old. I lived in Alabama until I finished high school.  I grew up going to Church and learning the Bible and I enjoyed it. However, when I became a teenager the pressure from worldly friends inside and outside of the Church hindered my walk with the Lord. When I was sixteen years old I was injured playing football in high school that left me unable to play anymore. The Lord spared my life, and used the incident to get my attention.

My Salvation:

I learned at an early age that I was a sinner. I realized when I was six years old that if I were to die in my condition I would spend eternity in Hell. I could see in my life, even though I was just a boy, I was a sinner needing salvation. The Lord dealt with my heart about my condition for a while before I was willing to come to Him. When I was nearing seven years old the Lord dealt with my heart very strongly about dying in my sinful condition during a Sunday night service; however, I did not move. That night at home I went to my father and told him I needed to be saved. He led me through the Scriptures and I trusted Christ to be my Saviour. On May 18th of 1997 the Lord saved my soul from sin. Praise the Lord for His grace!

My Calling:

The Lord was working on my heart after I was injured from football to serve him completely with my life. As a young man I allowed things to come before the Lord in my heart and mind. When I was no longer able to do what I enjoyed, I realized that the Lord had saved me not just from Hell, but from living for myself.  Through the course of conviction and reading the word of God I saw the Lord wanted me to live completely for Him. In our yearly revival at Holy Ground Baptist Church in Carrollton, Georgia I surrendered my life to the service of the Lord. For about six months I then struggled with what the Lord wanted me specifically to do. In a jail ministry revival service I surrendered to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From that point I have been serving the Lord in whatever capacity possible. I attended Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, FL and earned a Bachelors of Arts in Bible – Pastoral Degree. Upon finishing Bible School I married my wonderful wife.


Pastor Family 2020

My Family:

I met my wife Sandi in the summer of my last year of Bible College through my mother back at home. My mother saw my wife and her sister in the store and saw that she was dressed very modestly. My mother complemented her and her sister for their dress, then mentioned me and began to talk to them about Church. My mother soon found out that she was taking piano lessons from the piano player at our Church. This connection gave us an interest in one another because we were both looking for the will of God in marriage. We began emailing each other until I was able to meet her in person. The Lord blessed our relationship for our desire to put Him first and we got married September 3rd, 2011 after I finished Bible College. In August of 2012 the Lord blessed us with our first son Wyatt. Then in November of 2013 the Lord blessed us with our second son Micah. Two years later we found out that my wife was expecting our third child. To our surprise we had twin boys in February of 2017 whose names are Eli and Ethan. Still praying for the Lord to give us a daughter, we found out in 2019 that our prayers had been asnwered with a little girl on the way. In April of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 scare the Lord blessed us with Rose. The Lord has truly blessed our family. 

My Education:

I attended Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, FL and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Bible – Pastoral Degree. Upon finishing Bible College I returned home and served in Corinth Baptist Church of Bowdon, GA for two years. While I was there I taught Sunday school, preached to the youth on Wednesday nights, started a van ministry, and served in the visitation ministry. My wife and I did as much as we could to be a blessing to the church. I started a Master’s degree with the Suwannee River Bible College to further my education in the study of God's word.