Wednesday Bible study in Ephesians
May 06, 2015

There is no greater theological and yet practical look at the New Testament beleiver as found in Ephesians. If you are hungering to understand the position of the New testament Christian and how one practically should walk, this is your opportunity to be fed.

Exploring the Book of Ezra on Sunday nights!
May 06, 2015
Here at Bible Baptist Church we believe the word of God to be perfectly true without error. Therefore, When the apostle Paul by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit charged Timothy to preach the word in 2 Timothy 4:2, we believe we should heed that command. On Sunday nights we are preaching verse by verse through Ezra, a 2,500 year book filled with relevant pictures and examples for our learning and admonition.
Preaching through the Book of John
May 06, 2015
Come join us on Sunday monrings as we go verse by verse through the book of John. This book of the Bible gives us one of the greatest looks at the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you leave the book of John and do not believe that Jesus is God manifest in the flesh then you have missed the point of this book. John 20:26-31